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Winter Visitor Counting

This project involves a systematic program of collecting and collating winter visitation statistics to each of the Victorian Alpine Resorts.

Council publishes online visitation estimates for each Alpine Resort on a weekly basis during the winter season.

The visitation statistics are based on weekly gate entry data as well as seasonal pass holder data. The weekly visitor numbers collected throughout the winter season include an estimate of season pass visitation. This estimate is adjusted at the end of the winter season using the returns of seasonal pass holder survey forms to create a final 'end of season visitor result'.

The end of season visitor results as well a separate annual report of visitation are prepared each year and can be found on Council's website by clicking on the Research and Statistics Reports page within the Publications & Research Section.

Historical winter season visitation statistics, dating back to the 1980s, is also available on Council's website by clicking on the Historic Statistics page within the Publications & Research Section.

To encourage the return of the seasonal pass holder survey forms, the Council and Alpine Resort Management Boards offer one or more free Resort entry passes.

The names of the winners of resort-specific entry passes offered by Alpine Resort Management Boards are posted on Alpine Resort Management Board websites.

2018 Winter Resort Entry Visitor Statistics

End of Season Report

Note: Existing subscribers will continue to receive weekly reports.