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Alpine Resorts Strategic Plan 2012

Shaping the Future of Victoria's Alpine Resorts

Victoria’s alpine resorts are special and unique places – visited by more than 1.2 million people per year and contributing over $945 million and 9,100 jobs to the Victorian economy in winter alone for 2017.

In December 2012, the Alpine Resorts Strategic Plan 2012 was ensorsed in accordance with section 33G of the Alpine Resorts Management Act 1997.

The 2012 Plan sets out a framework for the development, promotion, management and use of Victoria’s six alpine resorts: Falls Creek, Mount Hotham, Mount Buller, Mount Stirling, Mount Baw Baw and Lake Mountain.

The Alpine Resorts (Management) Act 1997 requires the Alpine Resorts Co-ordinating Council to conduct a five-yearly review of its strategic plan which will commence in 2018.

The 2012 Plan is available for download - Full Plan (PDF 7.8mb).